Wired Highlights Lisbon as Top Startup Hub in Europe

Wired Highlights Lisbon as Top Startup Hub in Europe

I have something important to tell you.

This story starts back in 2011, when Ricardo Marvão from Beta-i sent an email to Wired, the leading tech magazine in the world, to let them know that Lisbon had a booming startup scene and that they should take a closer look.

At the time, the only mention to Portugal in the history of Wired was in a short article where they briefly mentioned  Y Dreams. We’ve all come a long way since then…

Lisbon has given birth to some of the most interesting startups in Europe, such as Uniplaces, Codacy, Unbabel or Talkdesk, Lisbon was named the European Capital of Entrepreneurship, the Web Summit decided to move here, etc.

However, it was only this January that Ricardo Marvão got an email saying that Lisbon would be featured on Wired’s Top European Hubs for the very first time.

So, I’m excited to tell you that today, Lisbon’s startup scene has been featured on the leading tech magazine in the world! With special highlights to Portuguese startups such as Uniplaces, Chic by Choice, Talkdesk, Tradiio, Aptoide or Unbabel.

View this full report on the Wired app for free or see the print-screens right here: 

Lisbon on Wired











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Top Books, Articles and Podcasts on Startups from the Beta-i Community

Top Books, Articles and Podcasts on Startups from the Beta-i Community

A couple of weeks ago I was on holidays writing our regular newsletter for Beta-i and I felt like doing something different. Because we were in the middle of August and pretty much everyone was on holidays I decided to take an unusual approach…

Instead of summing up all the updates and news from Beta-i I decided to share some of the best articles and books that I’ve been read, and some podcasts as well. For those on holidays there were no excuses to avoid reading some great pieces of content and listening to some of most interesting podcast I’ve ever listened to.

In return, I asked for some recommendations from the Beta-i community and I promised to write a blogpost with their suggestions 🙂

Check out the most recommended articles, books and podcasts by the Beta-i Community:


Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers

The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz



Death on the Digital High Street

What Makes People Upbeat at Work

The Uncanny Valley

How Technology Disrupted the Truth

Is There Really A Talent Shortage in Europe?

The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence

A Conversation With Bill Fernandez, Apple’s First Employee

The Future of Work

First Time Founders – What I wish I knew

Why Complex Storytelling Is Thriving In Our Digital Age

The Tools Early-Stage Startups Actually Need to Understand Their Customers

Doing Data Science Right — Your Most Common Questions Answered


Thanks to all those who contributed to this list!
The Startups That Will Shape the Future of Lisbon

The Startups That Will Shape the Future of Lisbon

[fusion_text]The first open data program for startups in Lisbon, Smart Open Lisboa, that will improve the lives of millions of people, is about to begin…

After a thoughtful selection of projects we have chosen 10 startups to join us for the experimentation phase. These promising projects to improve Lisbon’s city life will now get to test their solutions in real life.

Because we truly believe that Lisbon is a city of the future, we would like you to join us for our kick-off this September the 12th. During this event these ambitious entrepreneurs will introduce their projects and plans to the world, putting Lisbon under the spotlight when it comes to Smart Cities.

It’s time to make Lisbon a better city to live in and to use technology and irreverent approaches to turn it into a reality.

Check out who these 10 startups are and how they will shape the future of Lisbon:


360Waste is an integrated platform for waste collection management. It combines sensors installed on the container’s lid and an online platform integrating dashboards and advanced algorithms. Their platform can also integrate different routing algorithms in order to maximize the collection activity.


AidHound is a georeferenced aid manager. It was designed to help volunteers and the management of NGOs that work with homeless communities.


Bclose is a digital platform that integrates simple & intuitive devices for safety, health, wellness and energy management onto a single platform. Through behaviour analytics they try to bring useful solutions to end user customers for daily base use.


ChatBots haven’t yet been used for governmental agencies and Visor.ai with its solution will reduce the hours of workers who have to answer questions from customers.


Ekoneksa is an all-in-one solution that manages the resources of a building, driving for an increase of energy efficiency. It is a vendor-agnostic, cloud-based software that monitors and controls buildings’ energy consumption in real-time.


FI-Sonic.com processes and analyses the sound captured by a network of multi channel microphones distributed throughout the city. Sound is an environmental measure with great sensory impact on the quality of life of people living and working in the city. By realizing this importance, we use the information captured by our network of Smart Sound Stations to monitor and study the impact that sound has on the urban environment. We provide value from sound following these three line of actions, Noise Monitoring + Sound events location + Sound event identification (people in distress, accidents, etc.).

Load Interactive

Load Interactive specialises in the study and development of new digital products and services, focused on developing smart, web & mobility solutions, with a strong focus on design and user experience. They have currently developed a solution that allows the user to see the occupation of a certain space, for example if a museum is fully booked, or if a venue is completely crowded.


Medcore introduces many solutions for active aging. For Smart Open Lisbon they’re using city and personal infrastructure to locate missing people or items on demand using citywide infrastructure that is already set.


Optishower aims at reducing water and energy consumptions for citizens by implementing a revolutionary cyber-physical system and gamification techniques.

Want to know more? Join us for the kick-off of Smart Open Lisboa on the 12th of September – just register here.[/fusion_text]

Infraspeak joins 500 Startups and lands investment from Caixa Capital

Infraspeak joins 500 Startups and lands investment from Caixa Capital

Our Lisbon Challenge alumni, Infraspeak, was recently accepted into one of the best startup programs in the world, 500 Startups. And if going to San Francisco wasn’t enough… they’ve also secured an investment from Caixa Capital.

Following the footsteps of Portuguese startup Talkdesk, and after meeting 500 Startups partner, Marvin Liao, at the Lisbon Investment Summit, Infraspeak is now the second startup born in Portugal to join 500 Startups.

After joining Lisbon Challenge during this last edition, this promising startup has also landed an investment of 113.000 euros from our partners, Caixa Capital.

Infraspeak has developed a facility management software that helps companies with large infrastructures, such as hospitals, banks, hotels or markets, and we bet this is just the beginning for this promising Portuguese startup, born in Porto.